Salt & Pepper

26 08 2010

Birthday dinner #2!!

Mom & Pop Siegel took us out in celebration of the big day to a lovely BYOB in Bella Vista.

My 2 cents about Salt & Pepper is that the food is worth the wait. Every time we have been there it has been not only a delicious meal, but also a relaxing one. The server (I wish I knew is name) has been there all 5 years and knows is stuff but when you first sit down it might seem like he is slow. I think what he is actually doing is forcing you to slow down and enjoy the process that is “dinner”.

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed eating them!

Here is what we ate:

Heirloom tomato salad with mozzarella

Chopped salad with bibb

Olive tampenade crusted red snapper

Lamb chops

Raisin Bread pudding

Salt & Pepper

746 S 6th Street

Phila., PA 19147

215 238.1920

PS – 2 more days to bday! đŸ™‚


Amada, er Amazing!

25 08 2010

for the first of my birthday dinners some friends took me out to a lovely dinner at Amada on Saturday night! it was one of the best culinary experiences i have had! made better only by the awesome company of good friends!

note to self: when the server suggests that you dont need the ham and cheese before the tasting menu, listen!


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Amada’s La Tomatina tasting menu included:

Tomate Coca, a crispy flat bread with tomato sofriget sauce and Manchego cheese, topped with herb-marinated heirloom tomatoes; Salmorejo Soup, chilled heirloom tomato soup garnished with farm-fresh egg and Serrano ham salad; and Ensalada de Tomate con Chorizo, heirloom tomato salad with a warm Chorizo Bilbao and sherry vinaigrette, served with fresh goat cheese and Jamon Iberico.

Thanks to Robert Scully again from Tinto & Village Whiskey! The birthday desserts were out of this world!!

Hope you enjoy!


217-219 Chestnut Street  |  Philadelphia PA 19106  |  T 215-625-2450

Sampan… again.

24 08 2010

We had been here before, but this visit to Sampan was different. The staff seemed more eager to please and the food might have come a bit quicker. The key difference was that for a Thursday night the restaurant was eerily quiet. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come for the dark, but lovely spot.

enjoy the foodporn!

some of my favorites were the Korean BBQ Beef Satay, Wild Mushroom Salad, Pork Bahn Mi, Tuna Rice Cracker, Hamachi Ceviche and of course the mini soft serve!

Have you been to Sampan? if so, what did you think??


124 S 13TH ST

Philadelphia, PA

215. 732. 3501

Home cooking… Burgers

14 08 2010

Home cooking at it’s finest!

Spaghetti pasta with basil, mozzarella and tomatoes

Cheese, beer, grilled onion sauce

Thanks Jeff and Ben!

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11 08 2010

On a whim the in-laws decided to have a tasty mid-week dinner with everyone and luckily for me they wanted to go to Adsum. We had been for drinks but not for dinner so I was excited!

Unfortunately for us the A/C was out today because as much as we loved everything the temperature was a bit distracting.

Everything on the table was delicious! I started with the heirloom tomato salad and took Chef’s recommendation and tried the halibut. perfect! Hubs has the bib salad and short rib. I also had a taste of the biscuit from the fried chicken and I have to say it’s the most authentic southern style biscuit I’ve had north of the mason-Dixon.

I wish I could have eaten more because there were a bunch of things I that looked good on the menu.

I will just say that Matt Levin’s food is outstanding. He is incredibly talented and I would not hesitate to eat here again.

PS – Justin has been our server both times and he is a rock star!

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If you are looking for a bustling feel and a fabulous menu, check it out. A quiet dinner for two? try outside!!

Adsum Website

Adsum Twitter

Adsum Facebook

awww…. look at the happy family! đŸ™‚

Anniversary dinner at Buddakan NYC

10 08 2010

As an extra special treat hubs and I went to New York to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. We ate our weight in delicious-ness!

Hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed eating it!

We started with the Edamame dumplings, pork belly buns and spicy yellowtail

We split the monk fish, long beans and sausage rice.

For dessert we couldn’t decide so the server brought us the chocolate peanut butter bomb and the crying chocolate. It was intense but so worth it!

Thanks to my lovely friend Diane at Starr we got a major hook up with a couple of glasses of champagne and dessert on the house and the manager gave us a great tour of the restaurant and the kitchen. Thanks again Dennis!

One bonus shot of me digesting! I was sooo full! đŸ™‚


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Buddakan NYC

Brunching with famous people at Five Points, NYC

9 08 2010

For brunch this weekend we followed several Yelp reccommendations and headed to Five Points for some good eats. We didnt expect to end up sitting next to a couple of celebs (Dania Ramirez and Tracy Nguyen) but it was a nice bonus. Here are the pics. If you end up in NYC, its worth the wait.

Dania and Tracy both had the most adorable pups in-tow!

pictured are:

House-Made Pork-Fennel Sausage & Poached eggs

Crisp Buttermilk Marinated Fried Chicken

Churros and Hot Chocolate


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P.S. Can we all appreciate how much better these pics are with the new iPhone4?!?!