7 03 2010

We checked out Michael Schulson’s new asian restaurant in center city. The food was tasty and presented well. Service was good and the ambiance was cozy and modern.

Definitely worth checking this one out!

Below: tuna sashimi, shrimp pad Thai, Philly cheesesteaks, broccoli, fish tacos & sea bass.





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16 03 2010

This looks delicious. Can never get enough yummy Asian food.

18 03 2010
Andrew Siegel

This restaurant was Excellent. Small plates, a touch pricey, but worth it. The highlight for me was the Vietnamese steak sandwiches with siracha, and the sea bass, wit a sweet miso glaze. The bread on the steak bites was a great Vietnamese-french bagueete, cut into tiny pieces, while the fish had a buttery sweet finish. The pad thai was good, but not outstanding, everything else we had was unique enough to come back for a second meal!

31 03 2010

Hmm, I checked out Sampan’s new Banh Mi for Unbreaded the same day you posted this article what a coincidence.

Haven’t had the chance to check out the regular menu, looks good though.

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