Brunching with famous people at Five Points, NYC

9 08 2010

For brunch this weekend we followed several Yelp reccommendations and headed to Five Points for some good eats. We didnt expect to end up sitting next to a couple of celebs (Dania Ramirez and Tracy Nguyen) but it was a nice bonus. Here are the pics. If you end up in NYC, its worth the wait.

Dania and Tracy both had the most adorable pups in-tow!

pictured are:

House-Made Pork-Fennel Sausage & Poached eggs

Crisp Buttermilk Marinated Fried Chicken

Churros and Hot Chocolate


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P.S. Can we all appreciate how much better these pics are with the new iPhone4?!?!




4 responses

9 08 2010

The fried chicken was very good, crispy and tender without being too greasy. The blue cheese dressing actually went very well with the chicken and romaine. Also just FYI, my wife (the author) had no idea who dania ramirez was when she sat down next to us, it is unfortunate that she doesn’t watch entourage with me.

9 08 2010

Way to blow me up babe!

10 08 2010

Wow, the iPhone 4 does take insanely better pics. I was wondering what you were doing different. Don’t worry Jenn, I watch Entourage and still probably wouldn’t have recognized Dania Ramirez.

10 08 2010

haha! thanks! 🙂

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